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SMS Auto Sender / Android

Volume Scheduler

Volume Scheduler is a easy to use application that automatically change the ringing state of your phone!. Simply add rules that will turn the phone state to silent, vibrate or ringing with a specific volume at a certain time in certain days of the week. You can set the phone to silent or a lower ringing volume at 8 am when you reach the office. Set a rule to increase the ring volume when you leave the office and so on! The application is optimized for minimum usage of resources! You can setup a notification to show up if when the volume is automatically changed.

Google play Volume Scheduler link

Voice mail

Send voice memos to your email! A simple and fast application to record memos. Just after you push "Stop" button, an email with the sound memo attached it's send to your desired address (or addresses). Using GMail the email is sent instantly. You can setup the email subject, body, even the sender.

Google play Voice mail link

Cars Specifications

The most complete and compact specifications about almost any car in the world, thanks to the database. Search cars by brand, model, year and select your car from the list to see its specifications. The most popular cars have photos to easily identify the car you searched for!

Google play Cars Specifications link

Scrool Text Pro

Do you want to display a scrolling message using your phone or tablet? With this application you can customize your message in any way: - change color or font or size of the text, - change background color or choose an image, - add a fully customizable shadow, - customize scroll speed and direction. You can use Scroll Text Pro with tablets or even TV's with android or by connecting tablets to the TV.

Google play Scrool Text Pro link

SMS Auto Sender

Using SMS Auto Sender you can send sheduled SMS messages. Add new sheduled messages by simply select the date, time, phone number and text. You have the option to send the SMS daily or once at a specific date. The application will send the SMS at the specified date and time!

Google play SMS Auto-sender link

Numbers Generator Pro

Generate random numbers within the desired interval with this little app. You can generate up to 10000 numbers and you have the option to display unique numbers only. For more features or sugestions please contact me!

Google play Numbers Generator Pro link

Bubbles Adventures

Help bubbles reach their destination!! Bubbles Adventures Game! Follow the bubbles journey from the bottom of the ocean till the end of the universe. This adventure game keep you connected to the mysterious path of the bubbles! Play and compete with players around the world by reaching highest score in the online high scores board! Each phone highest score is saved in the online scores board if the user have internet connection when he types the name.

Google play Bubbles Adventures link

See online scores

Helicopter Escape HD

Most addictive helicopter game with HD graphics is now on Android! Graphics are optimized for HD screen sizes (1280 x 720) and it will not run on devices with low memory. Global Scoreboard is now available! If you have internet connection your score will be updated online and you can compare yourself with all players around the world! Fly your helicopter and escape incoming enemy missiles. Prove your pilot skills and share your best with your friends and all the players around the world. How to play: - only tap the screen to increase engine power and make the helicopter ascend, - release to make the helicopter descend, - be careful at high altitude !

Google play Helicopter Escape HD link

See online scores

Tennis Score Keeper

This is a application for tennis score keeping. It can be used even in official matches. The phone/tablet can be connected to a TV for a better view of the score. The player names can be changed (by clicking on them) and the history of the points is kept so you can undo and return to a previous point of the match.

Google play Tennis Score Keeper link

SMS Flood

SMS Flood is a simple application that makes SMS sending funny! You can send SMS with the following options: - send a message up to 100 times instantly; - send a message letter by letter (1 letter/sms); - send a message word by word (1 word/sms) - send the text mirrored (the letters are in reversed order) Warning! This application doesn't send free text messages. It only sends normal messages automatically. Please use it wisely and do not disturb others by using it! Have fun!

Sadly this application was suspended in google play because it was considered a malware!

SMS Flood page
Download SMS Flood

Invisible Detector for YM

With this application you can check a yahoo id availability. The application can detect the availability almost instantly. Be aware that if a yahoo ID state just changed there is a delay until all yahoo servers are updated. As you know even in yahoo messenger application some persons in the list are not updated.

Google play Invisible detector for YM link

Drink Roulette

Drink roulette... what to drink next? Don't know what to drink next? With this application you can find out! Tap the screen to start spinning the indicator!

Google play Drink roulette link

Magic Trails live wallpaper

Transform every touch in a magic moment. With this live wallpaper you leave a magic trail after your finger. Customize the background color, the trail color and the fade duration of the trail. Enjoy!

Google play Magic Trails Live Wallpaper link

Luck meter

See how lucky you are today! Select three numbers and see if you are lucky! The application is generating 10000 numbers from 1 to 9 and counts every number. Finnaly a luck procentage is generated considering the numbers that you choosed and their order!

Google play Lucky Today link